More Snow?!?

Will it ever end? Being cooped up for 5-6 months out of the year can bring a lot of wear and tear on your floor coverings. Carpet especially takes on an extra load. Whether it’s ice-melt or slushy shoes, it never leaves a pretty picture. With Spring nearly here, it’s time to start considering your next professional carpet cleaning! The smell of freshly cleaned carpet always makes for a better, brighter working atmosphere. Employees seem to appreciate working in a well taken care of environment. Mentally it is invigorating. And with the clock change coming up this Saturday night / Sunday morning (yeah, don’t forget about that!) we’re all looking forward to more and more sunshine.

Here’s some photo’s from Playa del Carmen, Mexico where Shawna and I visited in January. The extra Vitamin D we received was a nice kick in the pants to make our way through the rest of the Winter. Hopefully this helps you to!


Up for some sailing?
Up for some sailing?

Is it a raccoon? No, it's a Coati!
Is it a raccoon? No, it’s a Coati!

An afternoon in the sun...
An afternoon in the sun…

The elusive Carpet Iguana.
The elusive Carpet Iguana.

So if you’re looking for a freshening up of your carpet, give me a call at your convenience (585) 746-5307. I can’t bring sunshine to your office, but at least we can help to alleviate some of the “stale air” brought on by a typical Western NY Winter.

Written by, Derek Beyer.

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